Photo gallery

The gallery holds at present more than 1000 danish and 400 foreign species. It will continuously be improved along with success in shooting more and better photos of the species.
If you do not search for specific species, but merely wants to view a few different photographs, you can click the photos or the grey area surrounding it on the species pages, then you will jump to a new picture in random order.

The photo of the pine marten is my favourite from 2018. It has been taken in Skramsø plantation near Tirstrup. I had been on an all-day trip to a bog in the forest. On the trip I had already taken good photos of butterflies and dragonflies, and I was satisfied on the way back to my car with the camera packed away. Approximately 100-200 m from the road it suddenly stood on a stump in a newly logged area, I froze in my walk and it froze in the staring position. I got the camera out again and got a few shots. Then I tried to go towards it and it also walked a little, but then laid down, which gave me a few shots up closer, but not as good, since the whole animal wasn’t as visible with claws and everything. Then it disappeared in the forest.


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