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Lindeborg Å

Lindenborg Å has been channelized as most watercourses in Denmark, but is in good ecological status, since it has just passed through an area where much adjoining land has been purchased for watercourse restoration by the Nature Agency and the use is now extensive.

man in nature is centered around nature and environment. It is administered by  Forestry and Landscape Engineer / Master of Science in Engineering Jørgen Hugo Jensen.

The world is to a high degree affected by humans and our activities, and it is these activities, that are the reason for the engagement in the present work.

Firstly there will be articles on university projects to disseminate knowledge on the projects and the problems researched. Project report will be accessible in the archieve. Updates on development in process is also intended to be part of the blog.

Furthermore a photo gallery of species, landscapes and human activities will be added.

Articles and photos may be used free of charge at institutions for education, but if the material is used in printed media or any other commercial context a price needs to be settled with author, since the material is protected by copyright law.